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The Video Tutorial DVD

Do you want to learn Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Flash and many more?

You don't want to pay a premium or purchase a dull book?

Great - we have the solution to your problem - the Video tutorial DVD - with over 80 hours of video at an incredibly low price - only £24.95* delivered to your door!

ALL our video tutorials / templates / ebooks for one great low price!

What do you get for your money ?

That's well over 3 Gigabytes of quality tutorials which includes over 80 hours of video tutorials!

Here are some screenshots of our tutorials - these are all videos - you simpy click the links on the left to view a video tutorial - easy as ABC!

All together this would cost £339.75

WE are asking only £24.95*!!!

WE don't think you'll find better value anywhere on the net!

Other sites will charge more for just one of these tutorials on there own - we give you 20 times the content for the same price - this is a no brainer!

The poker tutorial can actually make your money back for you!


*Free Delivery.



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